Liturgical Ministers

Liturgical Ministry Roster List

Altar Servers
Servers assist the priest and the whole parish family in the sacred times of Mass and special worship liturgies.  Servers must be in the fourth grade or higher having received First Reconciliation and First Communion, and be active in the worship service.

For further information please contact: Pat Allen – 503-625-5246

Eucharistic Ministers
As Eucharistic Ministers, we continue to develop an attitude of faith, contemplation, service and reverence/respect. Those invited to be Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers are trained to help with the distribution of Holy Communion during the weekend Masses and at special Masses during the year.

For further information please contact: Deacon Bill Bloudek at 503-625-6185.

The duty of the Lector is to proclaim the Word of God, the Sacred Scriptures, during Mass. This ministry it open to men and women aged sixteen and above who are practicing Catholics within the parish.

For further information please contact: Deacon Bill Bloudek at 503-625-6185.

Music Ministry
"Those who sing, pray twice”. We offer our singing voices and lives to our God.

Those with musical gifts – voice, instruments, and otherwise – are invited to join with others as they help the parish family sing the praises of God at the Holy Mass and other times of shared worship.

For further information please contact: Angele Rogers– 503-625-6185

Ushers set the tone for the faith community. They have many duties as they assist the priest and the congregation during worship times. This ministry is one of hospitality and welcoming. They are responsible for collecting the offerings and guiding the people in the communion procession.

For further information please contact: Colin Borla at 503-625-5099.


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