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Upcoming events...

Registration is now open to students finishing 8th-12th grade!  Sign up before Sunday May 11th, and get the discounted price!  After May 11th price goes up to $400!!!

Registration Instructions:
1.  Print out the file to the left under documents "Steubenville Flyer with Details 2014."  Read form in detail and follow payment instructions according to the option you choose.  Turn in deposit of $75 with your registration.
2.  Print out Steubenville 2014 Form 1, Form 2, Form 3 and Form 4, fill all 4 out and mail or turn into front office, or hand to Laurie. 
3.  Keep your eyes peeled and your email regularly checked in order to be updated about fundraising opportunities and Steubenville Get-To-Know You's!


Several changes have been made this year:

1.  Moving the Sunday night Mass from 5:30pm to 5:00pm, and it will become a Youth Mass where the teens serve and play the music!  All are welcome to attend!  Change will be effective Oct. 27th which is also World Youth Day in Parishes!

2.  Adding a weekly Sunday night dinner for the Highschool teens.  The purpose is to build community (and to feed hungry stomachs)!  We need help making this happen so if you are interested email Laurie at Laurie@stfrancissherwood.org!

3.  We are adding a Weekly Leadership Team Meeting on Sunday nights for Juniors and Seniors who have special talents to offer the Lord and make use of in their home parish!

So, we appreciate your prayerful support as we attempt to follow
Pope Francis' words to the Youth at World Youth Day 2013!

"I expect you to cause a Revolution!  Shake things up!  Don't forget to make a mess, to disturb complacency!"  
- Pope Francis

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Permission to join is required)

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