Middle School


Middle School Youth Ministry

Welcome to...
"The Path"

We have an awesome group of teens who come together as a family to experience God, the Church and life together as young Catholics!

This year we will discover how Scriptures can enlighten us and help us to be better Catholics, through the wisdom of the Saints.  We will especially focus on the Covenants of the Old and New Testaments and how the Old Testament prepares for and prophecies about the New Testament and the New Testament fulfills the Old Testament.

Students are encouraged to bring their Bibles every week!

Looking forward this year to several new events... Stay plugged in for more information.

TIME:   Wednesday Nights
Arrrive between 6:15-6:30pm - Pick up at 8pm 

PLACE:  Parish Center

**Registration opens weekend of Sept. 1st after Masses.  
Drop off at Parish office after Sept. 15th**

See calendar below for additional information.