God bless you for considering the beautiful Sacrament of Confirmation!  Confirmation establishes NOT an end or "graduation" of your faith life, but a BEGINNING of a life of full participation and responsibility in the Church.  As one of the Sacraments, it is an amazing sign of God's love and presence in our lives.  We are granted the FREE gift of God's love -- sanctifying grace (a.k.a.: God's life)!

You will be receiving the fullness of the Holy Spirit that was given to you at Baptism.  This same Spirit filled the Apostles with the zeal and courage needed by all who are public witnesses to Christ's selfless and perfect love.

Take hold and witness to the love of God!

 And remember ...

These requirements are designed to draw you close to our Loving Christ so that you may grow in your faith life.  Unknowingly, this will affect ALL aspects of your life here on earth!


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